Steven Miesel, "Red Alert", Italian Vogue 2004


With models Missy Rayder, Jessica Stam, Karen Elson, and Elise Combez

Franco Matticchio

Franco Matticchio is an Italian illustrator and painter. His works are so funny and strange, and they make me giggle a bit when I see them.

David Armstrong

David Armstrong is a New York-based photographer. The images below are from his late 70's-early  80's color series (with a book of the same name) called Night & Day.

In addition to his fine art photography, he has shot commercial photography for Zegna, Rene Lezard, Kenneth Cole, Burburry, Puma, and Barbara Bui.

Claudia on Bench at Dusk, Asbury Park, Fall 1979

(title missing)

Danny Rosen, Mudd Club, 1979

French Chris and Bruce, Truro, 1979

Patti Astor (title missing)

Luc and Lisa, New Years Eve, 1979

George Sowden

George J. Sowden is an English designer who was a participant (with Ettore Sottsass and others) in the 1980's Memphis art and design movement. In 1981 he started Sowden Design, through which he has collaborated with Alessi, Bodum, Steelcase, Swatch, et al.

I like his drawings/plans; the cities are especially of interest to me because they remind me of some of the drawings I would make as a child. I guess it's kind of funny, but I liked to draw a series of pastel post-modern Memphis-style strip malls. Of course I knew nothing of the academic aspect of Memphis style (or even what it was called) but I was certainly able to recognize it, and I was enamored even then.

The Coolest Girls

Clockwise from left: Chrissy Hynde, Debbie Harry, Viv Albertine, Siouxsie Sioux, Pauline Black, Poly Styrene.

Shot by Michael Putland in August 1980 for New Musical News (or probably NME)

Fendi Heels, Spring 2014

I have been holding on to these shots for a while, not realizing that I haven't posted them yet! I'm not sure if they're still in stores or not, but if they are, I'm sure it's getting pretty close to clearance time.

Anyway, I definitely got really excited when I saw them, because I am always overwhelmingly attracted to materials like lucite, rubber, plastic, PVC, and lacquer in fluorescent/transparent colors. I also love the architecture of the heels and of course the double straps. I just know that when Fendi sent these out, they were seeking out and expecting my approval. I just know it.

See them without feet after the jump

Miscellaneous Babes

Beverly Johnson 

Naomi Campbell as featured on the cover of Time in the "Totem Pole" Dress from Isaac Mizrahi's Fall 1991 collection.

 Lara Stone by Peter Lindbergh, Vogue China, January 2012

Chris Roer by Albert Elgort, US Vogue, August 1975

Gisele Zelauy for Moschino, est. late 80's

Nedege du Bospertus in Valention, est. early 90's

Anjelica Huston for Dior Cosmetics, 1973. Shot by Sarah Moon

Psychedelic Furs

Man, the Psych Furs have had some really hot covers over the years. I'm sure that it's because their early releases were designed by my all-time fave graphic designer, Barney Bubbles. There are many more covers to be seen, so feel free to take a look around Discogs.

The Psychedelic Furs (pink cover), CBS Records UK, LP, 1980
This sleeve was also released in green and orange

Sister Europe, CBS Records UK 7",  1980
Front above and back below.

Talk Talk Talk, CBS Records UK LP, 1981
Front above and back below.

Forever Now, CBS Records UK LP, 1982

Forever Now, Columbia Records US LP, 1982
This is the US release, which didn't use Barney Bubbles' original design. I still like it though.
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