Lauren Hutton by Richard Avedon for US Vogue, June 1968. Super cute swimsuit. I especially like the bra top. Also, that seems like an excessive amount of hair.

A still from 1976's "Alice Sweet Alice"

See more at the awesome movie-stills site, I Love Hot Dogs.

One funny thing about this movie, is that the little girl, played by Paula E. Sheppard ended up playing Adrian in "Liquid Sky." They were her only 2 movies!
Chrissy recognized her (even though she was a kid) since we had seen Liquid Sky only a couple of days before.

A bathroom in Polly Mellen's Connecticut home, by Eric Boman for US Vogue, April 2009. I "LOVE" those YSL posters!

Photo by Jenny Murray. More here.

Bryan Ferry. Smooth.

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