Miscellaneous Babes

Diane Lane. She was such a hot badass.

Another hot badass, Janice Dickinson. I mean back in the day, you know. Right??

This shot was from an editorial in UK Vogue, December 1978.

Aaron Curry is generally known as a sculptor, but his works on paper are quite special.

Robert Carrithers documented a lot of the Club 57 scene from the East Village in the early 80s. His photos are so awesome in terms of composition, color, and subject matter.

This is Stacey Elkin; she was a Club 57 regular and a member of Pulsallama, which was a band with a revolving line-up of about 10 to 15 girls. It's really fascinating to learn about the women in that band, because they seemed so fun and creative and cool, and many are still doing creative stuff.

Plus I like their music!

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