Mars. This 7-inch was part of the recent New York post-punk exhibit at the MoMA.

I don't have any info about this photo. Isadora and Uni have told me that the man laughing in the center is Karl Lagerfeld. He and his friends look so glamorous. I wish I were there. They are also inspiring me to think about wearing hats out socially.

Whenever I run across a Liquid Sky still, I can't resist putting it up. The costumes in that film are the best.

Nico with Mirror, 1960. This photo is originally in color, but I think black and white might look a little more elegant. She's got tons of bright blue eyeshadow on.

This is an image that I've had in my collection a long time. I have lost track of who made it.

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Uni said...

i think the laughing man on the second photo is karl lagerfeld :)

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