70's stuff

Ok, we've got James Chance, Pat Place, and Anya Phillips in the periphery of this photo, but I forgot who the guy in the middle is. Maybe I never knew. They're at a Contortionists' show at Club 57. Photo by Harvey Wang.

Joan Jett

Bette Midler poster by Richard Amsel

The above poster is not Amsel's typical style. He was an illustrator who worked mainly in a nostalgic realism/Norman Rockwell kind of style, which is sooo not popular these days – and due to my contrary nature, it makes me want to employ the style somehow! 

I have a feeling that the reason why the style is not popular anymore has to do with the fact that people are using computers in design more than they did in the 70's and early 80's, and that kind of art is not inherently computer-based. Also the whole computer thing has enabled design projects to become so fast moving, and detailed hand-drawn illustrations are probably too time consuming.

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