Diana Slip

This is a photo for Diana Slip, a French lingerie company from the 1930's owned by Léon Vidal. To say that they were a "lingerie company" is actually a bit loose – to be clearer, it was more like part of a erotica-supply conglomerate that made and sold fetish wear, condoms, erotic books and photography, and established the Librarie de la Lune (which I'm assuming is a pornographic reading room, but I haven't been able to find concrete information on that.) They also produced a series of illustrated catalogues/magazines (including Lingerie Libertines and The Paris Magazine) with excellent fine art photographers such as Brassaï, Jean Moral and Roger Schall

The photographs from the catalogues and the catalogues themselves are very rare and worth a ton of money. The catalogues can be purchased through Simon Finch Rare Books and some of the photographs can be purchased through Muse XX

The image above comes from the book, 1000 Dessous: A History of Lingerie by Gilles Néret from Taschen, which for now is out of print, but is being re-released in September.

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