Konrad Klapheck

Konrad Klapheck is a German pop-art/surrealist painter, favoring "ironic treatment of everyday mechanics." Below is some of his machine-focused work. I would imagine that the marching hammers in Pink Floyd's "The Wall" were inspired by Klapheck's paintings.

Konrad Klapheck, Das Opfer (The Victim), 1989

Konrad Klapheck, Der Krieg (War), 1965

Konrad Klapheck, Die Fanatikerin (The Fanatic), 1979

 Konrad Klapheck, no info

Konrad Klapheck, Der Mütterliche Vater (The Mother's Father), 1977


Anonymous said...

It should be "the motherly father"

Nils said...

Just visited a Klapheck retrospective. _very_ impressive.

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