Yves St. Laurent by Roxanne Lowit, 1983

Artinfo has an interesting and extensive article about this piece that Andy Warhol did for an exhibition celebrating Leo Castelli Gallery's 10-year anniversary in 1967.

They are portraits of the rest of the artists who were also in the exhibition, silk screened on plastic boxes. There were 225 made, all with different configurations of the boxes.

This is from a New York Times article in 1981, around the time of the Clash's residency at Bond's.

Locks in an upstate NY antique shop by Mimi Jung, of the blog Brook&Lyn. I really enjoy her blog and her style.

Another negative-space illustration by Coles Philips, probably adapted to a Life magazine cover.  Such an interesting style, especially for the time period in which they were done (the 1910's).

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Alinūlis Pupavičius said...

Love the last two pictures ;). I have a thing for vintage stuff :). The Coles Philips illustration is wonderful and very original. It's hard to believe it was drawn a century ago :o.

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