Mod Fashion by FC Gundlach

F.C. Gundlach was Germany's most famous and prolific fashion photographer, from the 50's to the 80's. He built a huge body of work shooting for Brigitte (a bi-weekly German women's magazine started in 1953 and still around; I think the US equivalent would be something like Cosmopolitan – not Vogue).

Below is a collection some mod/pop art shots.

Nicole de la Marche, Paris 1967. This dress is perfect.

Mickey Belverger, Paris 1967. Dress by Christian Dior, chair by Airborne International.

Karin Mossberg on the Champs Elysées, Paris 1966. Clothing by Jean Patou.

Grace Coddington
(US Vogue's current Creative Director), Hamburg 1967. From the editorial, “Pop Art-Fashion.” Clothing by Missoni.

Birgit Larssen and Ina Balke, Hamburg 1967. From the editorial, “Pop Art-Fashion”

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