Orange Juice, as it says

I took this photo when I was vacationing in Barcelona last year. This shop was on the same block as our hotel. I love the merchandise in the window because I'm a big fan of color and tights, and I super-love everything about the sign; even the name. The shop itself wasn't terribly interesting though!

The Clash, shot by Bob Gruen, probably in 1981 during their residency at Bonds. They look especially hot here. I am not sure that I've ever referred to the Clash as "hot" but I guess it's true about 75% of the time. Sometimes I find myself having a bit of a crush on Mick Jones, partly because I once dreamt he was my boyfriend and that he was very sweet and charming.

Tsunehisa Kimura (1928-2008) was a photo-montage artist (another pre-Photoshop artist). I have not been able to locate a title for this piece.
Eric Carle's Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love Carle's illustration style!

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