Miscellaneous: Really Random

A still from Eyes of Laura Mars, starring Faye Dunaway and Tommy Lee Jones. As it's about a fashion photographer in the 70's, it's filled with fantastic ensembles.

Packaging for Fogal pantyhose. I like everything here: color palette, typography (the secondary type is not the best though), and the logo for Fogal.

I used my phone to take photo of this ad for Maui and Sons that was in a 1987 issue of Interview magazine. I couldn't steal/buy the magazine, so there was no opportunity for scanning. I wish the photo looked clearer. I optimized it as best I could.

Anyway, I have a special thing for late-80's surfing/skating brands, and I am loving the geometric shapes and neon-pastels they're using.

Memphis-style tea pots

Magic poster for Lee, a phone hypnotist, from 1898. Here is the only info I could find on him.

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