This is from a March 1990 fashion editorial in Spin magazine. I was happy to discover that there's an archive of old Spin magazines, page-for-page, on Google Books. I used to read it like a handbook when I was a teenager. Ha!

Poster for the German release of the 1962 film Cleo from 5 to 7, by the only female French New Wave director, Agn├ęs Varda, and starring Corinne Marchand. It's about a French pop star who is wandering around Paris, awaiting the results of a biopsy between 5 and 7pm, while most people in the city are out messing around.

The Camel Thru the Needle's Eye was a 3-act comic play published in 1929, written by Frantisek Langer. It was performed between April and October of that year.

This is either a poster or a program guide for the play. It was designed by Frank Walts, a somewhat obscure African-American illustrator. The majority of his known work are covers for The Masses, an American socialist periodical published from 1911 to 1917.  A short biography of Walts appears in Art For The Masses by Rebecca Zurier (Yale University Art Gallery, 1985).

Chet Baker and his wife Halema in 1955. His plight (and concurrent heroin face) is terribly sad.

Vanity and Prince

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