Killing Joke covers

I am not entirely certain yet how I feel about Killing Joke's music. Eric is shocked that I claim to not like them, because he feels that they are my sort of thing. Truth is, I can't stand that Living in the 80's song, and I have heard a few other songs of theirs that I disliked as well (which were probably the newer industrial-sounding ones.) However, I can't say I have too much experience with Killing Joke beyond that, so maybe their first few singles or whatever could work for me.

I do like some of their album art though!

Killing Joke, Follow the Leaders/Tension, E'G Records UK 7-inch, 1981. Cover above, back below.

Killing Joke, Killing Joke, E'G Records UK LP, 1980

Killing Joke, Wardance, Malicious Damage Records UK 7-inch, 1980.

Killing Joke, Nervous System/Turn to Red, Island Records UK 7-inch, 1979

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