L.A.M.B., Spring 2011

When I was in high school, African heritage was a trend in fashion (this was when Cross-Colours was big.) I was so attracted to the colors and bold prints on the kaftans that I saw on (mostly older) women, and so when I found an entire collection of the fabric at Jo-Ann, I bought a bunch. I remember using a green, black and gold fabric to line a woven bag that my grandma got in Mexico in the 70's. (I had been carrying it so much, that the weave was coming out, and stuff would fall through – hence the liner.) Other than the bag, I don't remember what happened to the rest of the fabric!

The African influence is showing up a lot lately, and L.A.M.B.'s Spring 2011 collection is one of the places it can be found.

Everything is bright and crazy, as I like it, and I would be happy to wear any of it.

I do wish the make-up had been done differently, though.

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