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David Byrne, Rei Momo, Luaka Bop/Sire US LP, 1989

Storytime: This album came out around the time I really started getting into Talking Heads. I am now going to chalk it up to being a 12-year-old child, but I felt so personally offended that David Byrne would move SO far away from what I knew about Talking Heads. I was really quite turned off from the album at first, but I listened to it many more times and got used to it, and eventually started loving it. I hadn't thought of it in quite a long time, but recently came across a video of him performing one of the songs at an awards show. He and his band really thrilled the audience and had them out of their seats.

About the cover: I am a fan of polkadots this scale and density, the color palette, and the general design. The typography is typical of the late-90's.

This is a bar in Tulum. We wanted to go there (based on the exterior alone) but it never opened the entire time we were there.


Debbie Harry; Not sure what the context of the photo is.

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