Ohne Titel, Spring 2011

Below are shots from the Ohne Titel Spring 2011 presentation.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved mixing hard-core sporting clothes with everyday wear. Now, I'm not saying I've ever been really successful at this – it's kind of risky to spend all that money on a neoprene bodysuit and expect to look good with the rest of my clothes. However, I've always really wanted to incorporate the look of motocross pants/jackets, wrestling shoes, spandex cycling pants/tops, baseball stirrups, surf gear, etc. into my wardrobe.

Thus, taking a look at Ohne Titel's stuff for this season is a treat, because they've really given that look to me, but made it right for day-to-day life. So great, but not so risky.

The shoes (by Cesare Paciotti for Ohne Titel) are fantastic too!

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Allison said...

i saw a girl on the train wearing the red shoes yesterday.
I felt a blend of excitement, curiosity, happiness, and envy all at once.

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