Klaus Nomi, a guy whose name I forgot, and Jim Jarmusch, hanging in front of CBGB. Photo by Godlis, who took photos of all my faves in that scene.

I don't know the source of this, but of course I am finding the gold lame in a kaleidoscopic composition addictive.

Family Leisure Arcade, located at 76 West Street, Brighton; East Sussex. I am wondering if this is a gambling establishment, why do they call it Family Leisure?

Bike stunts at Keith's Union Square Theatre, 1902. The theater was the first in the US to show a movie. It was broken up in 1936 to make room for more offices and stores, but when the building was torn down completely in 1992, remnants of the theater became visible. (Read about it here.) It's now the site of the old Virgin Megastore.

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