Everything in this post, I think I would like to wear together....but I guess maybe the dress needs a different fabric.

Clutches from Shangai Tang

Miu Miu shoes that I wish I had, spring 2011. They're still in stores, but not remotely close to my size. Maybe in a few months I will see them at some kind of outlet store. They photos were taken from the blog, Sea of Shoes.

I've lost the info on who made this necklace.

Paula Yates and Jools Holland when they were hosts of the English music program The Tube.

Paula Yates was Bob Geldof's wife (and Pixie and Peaches Geldof's mom) and she also had a baby with Michael Hutchence. She died in 2000. Jools Holland is still on TV in the UK, and he was also the piano player in Squeeze.

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Anonymous said...

The necklace looks like Kara Ross

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