Miscellaneous Babes

From Helmut Newton's Pirelli calendar, 1985

Susan (no last name) and Debbie Harry, 1977, shot by Swiss photographer and filmmaker, Edo Bertoglio

Bertoglio was a regular on the downtown NY art scene in the late 70's and early 80's. He made Downtown 81 (aka New York Beat Movie) with Maripol, starring Jean Michel Basquiat (and tons of my other favorites: James Chance, Kid Creole, Tish & Snooky, Roberta Bayley, John Lurie...the list goes on and on). It was shot in 1981, but wasn't released until 2000.

A 1970's makeup ad. I don't think they make it any more, but I seem to remember my mom having this brand around when I was a little kid.

My inclination is that this is a French new wave band called the Modernes, but I am really having a hard time verifying that.  JohnnyM let me know that this is an '80s French synthpop duo, Elli & Jacno, and that the photo is by Pierre RenĂ©-Worms from 1981. Here is their MySpace page.

It says all that in the caption, and I tried to look up what I thought it might say, but it was too small to read!


johnnym said...

The last photo is of an '80 French synthpop duo, Elli & Jacno. The photo is by Pierre René-Worms from 1981.



Allison said...

oh! excellent!
Thanks so much!!
I will update the info!

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