Where is this? Who saw it? How come no one took it apart? What else is there? How will I ever find out?

UPDATE: Thanks so much to Stefano, who has let me know that this was taken by Kyle Telechan in  2009. Its title is Abandoned Ferris Wheel. The photographer doesn't remember the exact location of it, other than it's in North Carolina.

FURTHER UPDATE: Digging deeper, I found that it's actually in Mercer County, Virginia, at the "haunted" Lake Shawnee amusement park. There are shit-tons of personal accounts of people who spent time there to wade through at photographer Karen Steuben's website (though very many of the stories are nearly intelligible due to their poor grammar and writing skills.)  There is interesting history of the site as it was a Native American-Colonists' battleground, leading to cursed land, leading to present-day hauntings.

Beach babes are so brave, ca. 1930's

1970 Ferrari 512 S Modulo concept car, by Pininfarina. See how the roof slides forward to open? It must not rain if you plan to drive, or the car will totally get messed up on the inside.

 The media in the 1920's declared Paul Whiteman as the King of Jazz.

Poster remake for Jim Jarmusch's 2003 film, Coffee and Cigarettes. The clever design by Viktor Hertz is a big improvement over the original (in terms of design, anyway.)

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stefano mirti said...

I think the abandoned ferris wheel is: Kyle Telechan - Abandoned Ferris Wheel - North Carolina, 2009.

Also, thanks a lot for your extremely precious work. I appreciate it very much and it is always nice to check your addition. Thanxthanx.

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