Peter Schlesinger

Peter Schlesinger is an artist and photographer, who probably had loads of fun in the 70's taking pictures of all of the favorite artsy-avant-disco champions. The photos below come from his book Checkered Past, A Visual Diary Of The 60's And 70's.

Amanda Lear, Colville Terrace, 1973

When I was in Barcelona, there was an exhibition about Amanda Lear at the Salvador Dali museum. I curse myself for missing it, because she is a fascinating character. She was Dali's muse and lover, a disco queen in Europe, engaged to Bryan Ferry (she was on the cover of Roxy Music's For Your Pleasure,) she dated the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones, had an affair with David Bowie after appearing in his live performance, and in addition to being a model, she was known as Paris' greatest stripper, and was possibly a transsexual. Wiki for more details.

Vivienne Westwood's Shop, London, 1975

La Piscine Deligny, Paris, 1975

La Piscine Deligny was a floating swimming pool in the Seine, built originally in 1801, and then renovated in 1840. It was known as a great place to people-watch. It sank in 1993, and was replaced in 2006 with the Piscine Jos├ęphine-Baker.

David Hockney and Cecil Beaton, Raddish House, 1975

Schlesinger and Hockney were a couple in the 60's and 70's.

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