The CoBrA artists' movement was established in Paris, but its name is an acronym of Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam; the cities from where the founders hailed. The highly collaborative group banded together in 1948 and was active until 1951, though the members still occasionally work together even today.

Considered to be an offshoot of surrealism, CoBrA sought to recapture the whimsy and naive spirit of children's art, creating subconscious renderings of imagined creatures. They welcomed poets to their group to collaborate equally on paintings, mixed media pieces, books, and periodicals.

The key figures in CoBra are Karel Appel, Hugo Claus, Pierre Alechinsky, Constant Anton Niuwenhuys, Christian Dotremont, Asger Jorn, and Jean-Michel Atlan.

There is a museum dedicated to the movement in Amstelveen, Netherlands called Cobra Museum of Modern Art

Series of 15 book covers, 1950.  

De Blijde en Onvoorziene Week (The Joyful and Unexpected Week), Karel Appel and Hugo Claus, 1950

L'Oie Belge (The Belgian Goose), Pierre Alechinsky and Hugo Claus, 1980

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