80's Geometry

I actually got a pretty poor grade in Geometry, which is strange since I use it quite a bit in my job.


What a practical bag (on the left)! Sadly, I have no info on the photo, where it came from, who the models are, the photographer, the date, or who makes the clothes in it. I'm always into a Memphis influence.

The shot is cool - the colors and everything, but most of the accessories I will admit are kind of weird. The blue glove on the top right is cool, and I would be happy to wear it (if I had two)

Ad for Susan Bennis Warren Edwards, who were the ultimate in fancy shoe design in 80's NYC. Their flagship store was on Park Ave, and it's now a construction site. They stopped designing shoes together in the 90's, when Susan Bennis decided to retire upstate. Warren Edwards still has a store.

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Elaine Pierini said...

The bag on the right in the top photo seems to be Hermes

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