Multi-Generational Synth Rarities (?)

Having to define musical genres can be so annoying!
Is it post-punk? Cold-Wave? Proto-Industrial? Electro? New Wave? Who knows, who cares?

Guerre Froide, "Ersatz", from Untitled, Stechak Records 12", France 1981

Tokow Boys, "Swinging Pool", from Petite Rockette, Virgin France S.A. 12" Maxi, France 1980

Police des Moeurs, "La Politique de la Division"

This Montreal, Canada band formed in 2010.

Circa Tapes, "Adam and Eve", from Adam and Eve,  Romance Moderne digital EP, US 2013

Chicago musician Adam Killing (a.k.a. Adam Sieczka, also from Kill Memory Crash) records under the name Circa Tapes, whose EP was released in 2013.

Modèle Mécanique, "Dark of the Moon" ca. 2010

Oppenheimer Analysis, "The Devil's Dancers", from Oppenheimer Analysis, Minimal Wave Records 12" remastered EP, US 2005. (Originally released on a 1982 cassette (ed. of 200) entitled New Mexico)

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