David Bowie, Fashions

Check this out!! In 1982, David Bowie released a compilation of 10 picture 7-inch records! I never knew about this! So cool! My only wish is that it would be ordered a little more chronologically (and that I had better quality images of them.)

David Bowie, Fashions outside sleeve

Record 1, side A: Space Oddity (1969); side B: Changes / Velvet Goldmine (1975)

 Record 2, side A: Life on Mars; side B: The Man who Sold the World (1973)

 Record 3, side A: The Jean Genie; side B: Ziggy Stardust (1972)

Record 4, side A: Rebel Rebel; side B: Queen Bitch (1974)

Record 5, side A: Sound and Vision; side B: A New Career in Town (1977)

Record 6, side A: Drive-In Saturday (Seattle/Phoenix); side B: Around and Around (1973)

Record 7, side A: Sorrow; side B: Amsterdam (1973)

Record 8, side A: Golden Years; side B: Can You Hear Me? (1975)

Record 9, side A: Boys Keep Swinging; side B: Fantastic Voyage (1979)

Record 10, side A: Ashes to Ashes; side B: Move On (1980)


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