Nico in 1960's London

The sheet-music cover of "Niscona" – a ragtime song, by Canadian female composer, Mollie King; 1905.

I like a few things here: the illustrated typography, and the printing. It's cool how the brownish color looks like it's the substrate, but then but there is white too; so it's unclear whether there's white ink involved, or a whole lot of brown ink.

I am not sure where this is. It's a stock image that's been floating around my archives for years. It looks kind of like some work that Favela Painting, a duo of Dutch artists, has been doing in Brazil. (see below)

Compare the before and after (this is the after), and see some other documentation about the project.

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Alison said...

The unknown building: five blocks from my home, in downtown Minneapolis. It's called the Valspar building--a paint company. Fun to see it featured on your blog!


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