Diane von Furstenburg, Fall 2011

I visited the Soho location of DVF the other day, and I found that I kind of want to have everything in there. I plucked some of my favorites from their online shop.

From the Metallics collection (left to right)
I love long-sleeve evening wear for cold weather. It's practical but it's also unusual and cool.

Those pants are so cute. I love the slim cut, and would like to have another pair in plain black too.

These colors are perfect, and I imagine the most glamorous person of the disco era wears this outfit. I want to be her. This dress fits into a trend I'm starting to see more often: disco-chinoiserie, which I also referenced in Dries van Noten's Spring 2011 collection.

On all: Indigo Heel

Printed Collection (Left to Right)
(lets just ignore the boots for today)

Look, another practical long sleeve dress, in a color palette I love. I also would like to ignore these boots too. They are a little too clunky for my liking.

I like the funny pairing of patterns

Solid Collection (Left to Right):

Ok, cute dress, but HELLO HAT! We NEED to be friends! 

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